Restricted Access Barrier System

In the pharmaceutical sector, the restricted access barrier system is credited for assisting manufacturers to ensure a high level of sterility to in the production of drugs and drug products. The system’s rationale is grounded on the need for pharmaceutical manufacturers to adopt strict standards in assuring that the drugs produced are free of all contamination or infectivity risk. The importance of the barrier system is reinforced by the regulations placed on manufacturers to ensure that the final product is safe for patients. Continue reading Restricted Access Barrier System

Solar System Ribbon Proof

Solar System Ribbon is newly found giant creation at the edge of our Solar System. In 2009 NASA specially equipped satellite IBEX discovered a giant creation. The amazing formation is discreetly wrapped around solar system and it stretches in billions of miles all the way across the sky suggesting the magnetic fields beyond heliosphere. Space beyond our solar system is mostly unexplored territory. It is called interstellar space. From knowledge of solar system ribbon there might be strong, well organized magnetic field just sitting at the edge of heliosphere. Continue reading Solar System Ribbon Proof