Solar System Ribbon Proof


Solar System Ribbon is newly found giant creation at the edge of our Solar System. In 2009 NASA specially equipped satellite IBEX discovered a giant creation. The amazing formation is discreetly wrapped around solar system and it stretches in billions of miles all the way across the sky suggesting the magnetic fields beyond heliosphere. Space beyond our solar system is mostly unexplored territory. It is called interstellar space. From knowledge of solar system ribbon there might be strong, well organized magnetic field just sitting at the edge of heliosphere. Helioshpere protects us from cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. Helioshpere is made of magnetic field of our Sun inflated by the solar wind into a bubble.

The Solar System Ribbon does not emit light. We cannot see the ribbon with ordinary telescopes. NASA IBEX satellite uses special energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) detectors on board of spacecraft to study and discover phenomenon. Solar System Ribbon is distinct because it is a fine collection of particles. It encompasses the whole sky but it is very narrow in width. Solar System Ribbon emits energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) and NASA IBEX satellite picks them up with detectors in Earths orbit. Many are puzzled about this shocking discovery and some think that books on solar system will be revised.

In scientific circles some believe that giant creation is reflection of solar wind particles headed into interstellar space by galactic magnetic field. Scientists know that Solar System Ribbon runs in place where intergalactic or galactic magnetic field is most wrapped around outer boundary of the heliosphere. Many believe that galactic magnetic field is exerting pressure on our solar system and that heliosphere which protects us is in jeopardy. People are truing to decode the meaning of solar system ribbon and are trying by scientific methods to explain existence and origin and never take hand of God in consideration.

Awesome story I know of the Solar System Ribbon starts in the Garden of Paradise. Myth says there were two snakes at one point in the garden. One of those snakes got fastened for the ground and other snake fasten for the sky. In myths through cultures around the world exist stories about huge cosmic snakes often related to constellations. But also to know that those two snakes from paradise can mean various other things. Things like about seal of Gods right hand. God ordered to snakes to brush ones heal and ones head telling more about shape of the seal. That seal is for our Eeath and us. Think of number 69 how represents male and female of this world. 6 for female and 9 for man. Real seal is made of rippers and looks like 69 only with 7. 7 are like cases for people of this world male and female. In the same time do not forget story of flaming sword that was put on the entrance of the Garden. Vladimir Dujmovic has that flaming sword and both snakes from the garden of paradise engraved in his left hand. He has the keys of this Earth like from story of resurrected Jesus.

Through stigmata Vladimir Dujmovic created solar system ribbon and the formation is fueled constantly by his regular body processes. Intergalactic magnetic lines pass through Vladimir Dujmovics left hand creating a meaningful mark on his body and magnetic field far in space. Super structure representing flaming sword from the garden of paradise is on his left hand pulse and creations on top of his hand represent solar system ribbon and ribbons center. Center of the ribbon is not Sun as thought and expected. The center is Vladimir Dujmovics central stigmata mark on left hand representing solar system ribbon


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