New Publications In Biology And Life Science


Biology and Life Science: newly lauched publications

Attention researchers, new science journals are waiting for you to submit your last article or paper. They are available in Science Publishing Group platform and all you have to do is to go to the website platform access the link of the journal of your interest and apply for publication.

Remember to stick to publications rules and to submit to one journal at time. For those who research in the fields of Biology and Life Sciences there are several new journals calling for papers.

Journal of Plant Protection is dedicated to research in virology, nematology, bacteriology, ecology but not limited to those issues. The journal is published bimonthly and will accept and consider original submissions from all over the world since they have not been published elsewhere.

Another new journal is RNA and Transcription (RNAT) an open-access journal which aims to cover wide area of RNA and transcription research. The first volume of the publication is already available for download in the platform.

For the researchers of Physics, International Journal of Applied Physics: Lasers, Optics and Photonics its a new journal that publishes original and quality research in those areas. The scopes includes: progress in all types of laser; applications of laser in optical communication; advances in laser spectroscopy, but are not limited to that. The researchers can get more information about this new journal in Science Publishing Group website.

On the other hand, European Journal of Clinical and Medical Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal which goal is to be a platform to share new findings and updates about human health. The journal publishes original material about laboratory methods, clinical cases, reviews and original research. The first volume of the journal is available in Science Publishing Group website as well. It is possible to read the abstract, download the journal in pdf archive and share with colleagues.

These are not the only new science journals in the fields of Biology and Life Sciences, there is a lot more to access in the platform and the researcher will be able to find the appropriate journal to submit research.

Take a look in Science Publishing Group platform to have access to these new journals and to be aware about ultimate research in these fields of knowledge. Apply your article to publication following the publication rules. The editors team will consider your proposal and you may be published in one of these new academic journals.


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