Motion and Intelligence


If you find symmetry, uniformity and orderliness in a moving system, then it is assured that there will always be an “intelligence” confined to the system itself or external to it causing the optimum motion for the sustentation or preservation of the aggregate to which it forms a part. This is the general rule. Let’s think about motion and intelligence which go unnoticed.

The gross world what we see around us is made up of inert matter with its inherent inertia for movement and that needs space to contain it.

This inert matter is built on tiny particles called ‘atoms’. Atoms are made of tiny sub atomic particles which are not particles of matter, but are congealed form of subtle ‘energy’ and are called electron, proton and neutron. All the elementary particles are generally grouped as LEPTONS, MESONS and BARYONS. It is interesting to note that these sub-atomic particles are in constant motion with definite protocols according to intelligent programs driving them to move.

Inside an atom protons and neutrons take position at the central nucleus with electrons moving around the nucleus. All these particles spin on an imaginary axis while the two ‘stable’ particles electron and proton have an infinite life span, the neutron decay after an average life span of 12 to 15 minutes.

The equation E=mC^2 proclaims that with an increase in the velocity of an elementary particle, there is an increase in the ‘mass’ of the particle and that mass is an equivalent form of ‘energy.

Also when particles with different masses fall below a threshold of minimum velocity they ‘decay’ and split into other sub atomic particles. And even there are particles which develop mass only when they move at the speed of light (photons).

Each particle has its own separate existence, motion, life and decay period. That means, each particle is having an ‘individuality’ of its own. Within the atom, electrons try to retain their individuality by increasing its velocity as it approaches the nucleus and decreasing it as it moves away, ensuring the continued existence of ‘atom’.

Why should it be so?

Because the existence of matter (nay, even the existence of this material world) depends own the continued existence of atoms.

This naturally leads us to the conclusion that the very existence of a particle has strong relation or is intimately linked with its motion in that many of them will cease to exist or would not even form otherwise.

The phenomenon of perpetual motion is not restricted to the structure of atom alone. The same principle can be observed in the rotation of the sun and the planets on their axes on the one hand, and in the orbital paths that the planets take round the sun, on the other.

This truly gives the impression that motion has definite ‘intelligent programs’ causing it and ensure that electrons are not caught by or ‘pulled’ into the nucleus, yet stay trapped within the atom.

Now imagine what would happen if electrons fail to repel each other by changing direction of motion, and if the protons behaved in a similar manner?

What would have happened if hydrogen and helium atoms fail to form?

No galaxy… no planetary system… and no life on it. It implies the presence of a form of ‘ intelligence’ within the phenomenon of motion itself.

Similarly we can see that the different types of motion or movements of planetary systems and the variation in speed by the earth as it approaches sun are also based on an intrinsic laws of nature. Even a minute of deviation in this law would destroy the entire solar system and all forms of life on earth.

It is not the motion, but the capacity of electrons or the earth to increase or decrease their velocity at the right moment that gives the impression that motion has an intelligence of its own.

Intelligent Particles

That means motion of the sub atomic particles within atom is governed by some intelligent programs. Let’s evaluate it.

First let’s examine the neutron decay. It can be represented like this:

neutron… proton + electron + neutrino

Neutron (n) decays into proton (p), electron ( e?) and electron anti neutrino( ?νe). That is, the semi stable neutron does tend to decay into the building blocks of matte- the proton and electron.

Now let’s examine the two unstable sub atomic particles muon (μ-) and tau (τ -)

Their mode of decay is:

Muon transfer itself into an electron, an anti-neutrino and a Mu neutrino.

Similarly tau transfers itself into an electron,electron anti neutrino and tau neutrino

Here also we can see that these unstable sub atomic particles convert themselves into stable electrons on which our material universe depend. It again shows that the motion of the sub atomic particles are coordinated and controlled by some designed programs.

We can examine how an electron behaves once it is captured by a proton.

The electron always ‘desires’ to be in the ‘ground state’ or the lowest energy state. By the application of some external energy if the electron is forced to get into ‘excited state’, it jumps to a distant shell. But by emitting the excess energy it gathered, the electron returns to its ground state at the earliest opportunity.

This ‘desire’ on the part of the electron to orbit as close as possible to the proton provides the clue to the ‘intelligent program’ inherent in the motion- I,e, kinetic energy.

The cosmic intelligent program that gives rise to the ‘union ‘ of particles, preservation by orderliness and decay of the particle to generate “stable particles” form the labyrinth of material creation.

In fact, nothing in this visible universe is motionless. While reading this if you are reclining in a chair or lying flat in bed, or travelling in metro, you are always in motion, hurtling through the space, along with the earth and the sun and throughout your life you will find yourself inhibiting the same point in the cosmos for more than a fleeting second. Your motions are controlled by your intelligence and the planetary motions are managed by cosmic intelligence. That’s all the difference. It proves that Motion has Intelligence embedded within in it

Wherever material objects, form quarks to quasars, are found in regular motion, there will be an Intelligence behind causing it. That’s the general rule.


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