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This posting will cover the benefits of kids microscope activities and why purchasing them a microscope for them is a good idea. For most birthdays kids receive presents from us that are probably not considered to educational and do little to encourage them to delve into the scientific world.

How many times has your child ( or one of your children ) approached you about what something is and when told immediately asked ‘how’ the particular item works. Kids microscope activities can harness that wonder and in some cases answer both questions. It is our duty to bring out these questions and attempt to answer them to help their natural development after all – how can giving children a scientific advantage be a bad thing, by the time they get to their science studies in school they will have a notable knowledge.

Kids microscope activities give us the benefit if introducing them to brand new activities. By giving them video games or similar gifts we are not really pushing them in the correct direction. Don’t get me wrong, I don not find anything wrong with these games in moderation ( some of them are even specialized educational games ) but they do not fill a child with a sense of exploration.

So what about kids microscope activities – where do you start. There are many different, fun kids microscope activities but I recommend starting with the more simple, basic experiments. The first experiment I started my son off with was the yogurt experiment. With this experiment you examine the bacteria inside yogurt. Simply place a small portion of yogurt onto a slide and add a little drop of water.

Make sure the microscope is on very low power and scan over an area where the yogurt is thin. In this thin area you will begin to see the bacteria. Where would kids microscope activities be without the basic hair experiment. A lot of us have probably gone through this experiment in our school years and it is pretty basic. Simply collect as many hairs as you can – family members will usually do. Label each hair so you can see the difference between each one – most girls use conditioner and this will have an effect on what you see on the hair. A mans mustache hair is another good example to.

There are many different kids microscope activities out there and each one has it’s own benefit. Scout around and see how many different microscope techniques you can find.


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