How a Large Sample AFM Can Optimise Image Processing


How a Large Sample AFM Can Optimise Image Processing

If you’re frequently studying large surface area samples, for example a 300mm wafer, you may want to invest in the latest AFM technology to help you obtain the most accurate image to work with. A large sample atomic force microscope will provide an automated Nano metrology tool for more accurate analysis and faster image processing.

These models will generally support a full motorized travelling range of 300mm x 300mm, whereas standard microscopes will normally limit you to 200mm, potentially hindering your research capabilities. Large sample microscopes are a revolutionary invention, and one that should be utilised if you hope to keep up with the developing scientific world.

Large sample microscopes are designed especially for sizable research facilities to be able to effectively undertake failure analysis and quality control. This new technology will allow scientists to inspect their suspects thoroughly, while cutting timely image adjustment.

What’s more, this new technology will normally offer single click automation, eliminating the need for time-consuming sample adjustment. This feature will negate the need for awkward sample displacement, allowing you to work more efficiently and productively to obtain your research.

With enlarged platforms, you might expect the motor inside the machine to create more noise than your standard microscope – but actually, the reverse is true. The best larger tools now come with inbuilt vibration isolation technology, keeping the noise level below 0.5 angstrom. Be sure this is a feature of your scope before you purchase it, however.

Many models will also come complete with a ‘Batch Mode’ interface which can implement reliable sequential measurements over the area, allowing engineers and scientists to scan large samples with ease and minimal effort.

The motorised 300mm XY stage will also allow you to move the ARM measuring probe around the entire 300mm area freely. The flexible sample chuck also supports a range of samples in different shapes and sizes, so there will be no sample you can’t measure.

The revolutionary technology behind these microscopes will also allow you to scan multiple sites on the entire 300mm wafer using a new Smart Scan function, greatly improving productivity. The products boast a

You will also be able to create settings according to location, name, number and time on each batch of samples, meaning your analysis will be easy and efficient to undertake.

What’s more, these AFM models have been optimised for a wide range of application type, and can be suited to a range of tasks performed by FA, QA and QC engineers working with larger samples.

These microscopes have been designed specifically for the measurement of large samples, meaning the entire 300mm wafer can be analysed faster, more simply and with far greater precision, ensuring reliable results.

It’s important to evaluate the model as a whole, so consider what it will be primarily used for. If you’re going to be using the AFM in an industrial or research environment, make sure the system is designed for such an application. Make sure there is additional system support available should you need it.

If you’re looking to purchase one of these microscopes, it’s best to find a reputable manufacturer online. Try to find one with all of the above in-built features and functions, and ensure it has been thoroughly tested to prove its efficiency. Most companies will sell to a global market, so you should be able to get your product shipped to you anywhere in the world.


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