High Schoolers Become Certified Nursing Assistants


High Schoolers Become Certified Nursing Assistants

CNA certification is the sole way to apply for the position of a certified nursing assistant in any of the nursing homes as well as hospitals in the United States of America. Before enrolling for certified nursing aide program, it is mandatory to check the eligibility criteria of the course. There are 2 main requirements for the same such as a high school diploma degree and an age bar of 18 years or more. Apart from these criterias, you have to provide a certificate of the background check indicating there there is no illegal offense against you name, a medical health check-up certificate, and you should be proficient in English (both oral and written).

To proceed further, you have to undergo CNA certification classes that include both theoretical and practical session, in which you will be taught about the basic study of nursing such as anatomy, safety and security of the patients, roles and responsibilities, patient’s rights, use of tools and equipment, etc. The duration of the nursing program may vary from one state to the other. In general, the duration is of 150 hours which is divided equally among both the sessions. In some states, more focus and timing is given to the practical session as compared to theoretical one.

There is a provision of CNA certification online as well, which is more convenient to those who are working but want to develop their career as a nursing assistant. The benefit of online course is that the fees are too less as compared to traditional classroom and you can study as per your convenience. But you will have to attend the practical session as and when arranged by the institute. Usually, they will arranged in a nursing home or hospital near your place.

After the completion of the course, you will have to appear for the CNA certification exam , which is divided into 2 parts, one is the written exam that consists of multiple choice question and another is the skill test. There is a total of 60-70 question asked in the written exam whereas in clinical exam, you will have to demonstrate 5 skill task out of 25 tasks given to you. It is essential to pass in both the test individually in order to obtain the certified nursing assistant certification. After clearing the test, you will have to apply for the CNA license from the licensing authority, as it will clear your path to apply for the position of a CNA in any health care settings.


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