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Publishing science content in specialized publications is a task that demands time and effort to find the right place to submit a research. There are a lot of possibilities, in all over the world, and sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the quantity of information.

We can even, because of that, let pass good journals where we can submit work to, just because we are drowned in these chaotic universe of journals, conferences and other places that are developed to disclosure scientific work.

Some publications, for instance, allows publications of every study subject, amplifying the scope of articles that may be accepted by the editing board, but not everyone are aware of that. Some of these publications are available in Science Publishing Group platform.

Like Advances in Sciences and Humanities. This journal accepts submissions from researchers, academic professionals, students and non-academic authors, which enlarges the range of authors and contributions. It is a bimonthly publication which goal is to have a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary profile. Thats why articles and papers dedicated to natural sciences, social sciences, cultural and ethnic studies, economy, formal sciences, humanities and profession-related fields have space in the pages of this journal.

This particularity leads to researchers great possibilities. That publication style allows that different kinds of peoples with diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds may be able to expose ideas, research, and review about all that involves science research. You may not be an academic professional, but you may have a lot of knowledge about some issue that is related to the science field, in other words, you may have a lot to say about something and you can say it even in a specialized publication.

It is great to see journals like this available for community in general. This characteristic fulfills the goals of those who are willing to make a transformation in the way we disseminate and produce knowledge as Science Publishing Group platform. It functions like a democratization of human knowledge and society just gain with that kind of academic journal.

So, if you have something to say, if you are a thinker in your field of knowledge or if you are a professional who have some idea to share with others, take this opportunity to show to the world what you have to say. Allow people to read your ideas and make a judge about them contributing to science debate development. This is how we grow as scientists and human beings.


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