Floating Lacquer Sander

一 Optimal equipment for automatic coating production line. 

    We provide all needs with comprehensive and differentiated services.

一 To realize the practicability and productivity of manufacturing equipment. Get closer to your 

    needs and be ready for the next procedure. From process selection to dynamic balance, heat 

    treatment and surface treatment technology, the application of grinding quality to machine 

    tools is provided.

一 Equipped with high precision magnetic grid positioning system, the display accuracy can reach 

    10 µm. This system can deal with harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, oil, dust 

    and vibration, to achieve detection and machine control functions.

一 The ball screw drive system with high precision has no elastic deformation, so the repetitive 

    positioning accuracy can reach 10 µm.

一 Imported 3M polishing roll, good quality brings the lean paint effect.

一 Equipped with a strong air knife system to remove static electricity,  workpieces directly going

    to the painting process, replacing the conventional cleaning equipment.

一 The dust removal system of conveyor belt brings you a clean space.

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