Smart sander

一 Both edge and special-shaped surface can be sanded.

The brush roller disc device is equipped with an electric lifting, which can process 

   panels of different thickness. Equipped with rotating shaft, brush disc can be replaced 

   with different diameters or short brush rollers to meet the requirements of various 


The adjustment of the machine working height just needs a press, fast and simple

   for the operator. The equipment of working table relieves the worker's lifting.

Equipped with foundation of adjustable height for vibration reduction.

一Instead of using ordinary carbon steel, high quality carbon steel material is selected, 

   which is carefully polished by 31 processes such as laser cutting, machining center 

   processing, leveling, forming, electrostatic spraying and electroplating.
一The machine adopts imported components, such as brush rollers, brush discs, motors,

   electric cylinders, electrical appliances and precise transmission guides.

一Can relieve workers of a lot of hard work and keep the pleasing appearance.
一Imported sanding unit, with 600 hours of sandpaper using time, saving not only the

   sandpaper, but also the comprehensive cost, which is always the enterprise focus.

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