Floating Wide belt sander

一 Iterative equipment for automated sanding production lines

一 Equipped with Siemens/MCGS automatic CNC control system, multi-touch display screen, 

    and the operation of machine tools being simplified as easy as operating a smart phone, 

    the machine tools will be integrated into your overall production and communication process.

一 Equipped with high precision magnetic grid positioning system, the display accuracy can 

    reach 10 µm. This system can deal with harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, 

    oil, dust and vibration, to achieve detection and machine control functions.

一 The ball screw drive system with high precision has no elastic deformation, so the repetitive

    positioning accuracy can reach 10 µm.

一 Equipped with high precision heavy overall bed and large diameter sand roller system to 

    increase the roller and plate contact area, its sanding smoothness is 2.5 times the same 

    equipment, to achieve durable precision and surface finish.

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