Wide Belt Sander(sloped beam)

一 New sanding of wood-based panel, heavy-duty integral fuselage design.
    Professional configuration, energy saving and environmental protection.

一 Up to 13 technical upgrades of software and hardware, increase the use value of machine

    tools, humanized design to protect users.

一 Thickening and weighting machine tool structure system and aging treatment can ensure 

    the machine tool with no deformation.

一 Accuracy improvement brings durable experience, with processing accuracy being 0.08 mm,

    and repetitive positioning accuracy being 0.02 mm.

一 Equipped with Siemens/MCGS automatic CNC control system, multi-touch display screen, and

    the operation of machine tools being simplified as easy as operating a smart phone.

一 The automatic high-pressure belt cleaning system prolongs the service life of the belt by 35% 

    and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

一 Suction system can be drawn out for easy cleaning; The designed structure is analyzed by 

    fluid dynamics, so that the amount of spilt dust is less than 10%, and the overall protection 

    of the whole machine can make the processed dust not easy to pollute the working environment.

一 The processing and sizing system adopts the high-precision linkage ball screw 

    machine system and the high-precision magnetic grid positioning system, thus 

    has a high positioning accuracy, processing accuracy being 0.08mm, and repetitive

    positioning accuracy being 0.02mm.

一 Part of Electrical system adopts German Siemens electrical components, making it durable.

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