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Everybody who is part of academic universe knows the importance to have published research results, reviews, articles and papers in science journals. Its by them that scholars can build their academic reputation, be part of scientific debate, and enlarge their career possibilities.

However, is not so easy to be published. The researcher has to fit into journals subjects, has to be convenient to journals publications rules and has to be prepared to critical and well based reviews by the editors of the journal. The researcher has to wait for the approval for months and at the end see the article rejected. Its the way academy works, we all know. But we all want to diffuse our research as well.

This process can take a long time, and can be hard to be part of, especially for those who are starting their careers or to those who work with new themes so far not properly explored by academies.

For that reason, Science Publishing Group offers to academics the opportunity to launch their journals and improve academic and science research. Beyond the traditional publishing services, its possible to access the website platform and submit a science journal proposal.

Once the submission is done, it will be evaluated by the platform team within a month. If the proposal is approved it will be launched in the platform website and the editor in chief will start the journal dissemination and the paper collection when the journal is published online.

The editor in chief has the responsibility to organize a team review for the manuscripts, should post new topics and invite authors to collaborate, should decide about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts, check them and assure their quality.

To be an editor in chief is a responsibility and a benefit for researchers, once they can enlarge their experience, research and career. If you got interested in this opportunity dont waste any more time and star to think about the academic journal that you want to create.

All that you need to know about the proposal submission process is available in the website platform by the access of the link journals. It will be necessary to write your proposal using the proposal model available for download in the website and send it by email, with your academic curriculum attached.

Then, you just have to wait for the acceptance and start a new project in your academic career that will turn to be a great accomplishment.


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