Multiple Metaphors – The Promise And Perils Of Technology In Science

What are your views on ‘educational technology’?

If there was ever a potential oxymoron, or a phrase to strike cheer or terror into the heart of a teacher, one of the nominees would surely be educational technology.

Depending on the strength of your historical or mythological understandings, technology may have the potential of Aladdin’s lamp, the promise of Tutankhamun’s tomb or the perils of Pandora’s box! But technology is neither a magic remedy to all our ills, the realisation of golden splendour nor the residency of all the world’s evils. Continue reading Multiple Metaphors – The Promise And Perils Of Technology In Science

Physics of an Inclined Plane

If a ball is rolled down on an inclined plane, the total energy is conserved. Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic energy as the ball rolls down. It will hence be interesting to see if energy is conserved and so if MGH = 0.5 * M * V * V is the motion on an inclined plane which is inclined at 60 degrees to the horizontal different from an inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal. It is very evident that the length of the inclined plane for a height H for the two case where the side would be inclined at 30 degrees and 60 degrees wrt the horizontal would be H* Sin (30) and H * Sin(60).

For a free fall from height H, the time of travel is given by the equation H = 0.5 g * t * t where t is the time taken for the ball to fall through the height H. Continue reading Physics of an Inclined Plane

The Importance of Power

The Importance of Power

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used a single tube frequency device to grow the Cancer virus many times faster than normal. Low power frequency energy from single tube devices like Rife used in his laboratory stimulates metabolism by increasing circulation and energizing microscopic mechanisms in the organisms that are targeted with the frequency being delivered.

The BCX411 Compact, Briefcase and Professional Ray Tube devices overcome this issue by having dramatically more power than what Rife used to grow Cancer. Continue reading The Importance of Power

Is Wind Energy Really Green

Is Wind Energy Really Green

Is wind power green? From the standpoint of the fact that wind turbines emit no greenhouse gasses the answer is yes. But there are other questions to consider. This paper will take an in-depth look at the pluses and minuses of wind power to determine if wind power can really be considered green.

First we will look at the plus side of wind power:

Produces no CO or greenhouse gases.

One wind turbine generator (WTG) displaces 3000 tons of CO annually.

Unlimited source of renewable energy.

One mega-watt of WTG energy can supply 240-300 homes with electricity.

Over 5 million homes receive electricity from WTGs annually in the U.S.

Electricity is generated from wind by the use of WTGs (Wind Turbine Generators).This technology is being utilized all over the world to supplement electricity demands. Continue reading Is Wind Energy Really Green

Select The Right Load Cell

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid handed transfer bans

Spanish giants Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been banned from registering players for the next two transfer windows.

They have been punished by world governing body Fifa for breaching rules over the transfer of minors – both clubs say they will appeal.

The ban does not cover the current January transfer window.

Atletico were fined 900,000 Swiss francs (622,000), while Real were told to pay 360,000 (249,000).

Real said that the claim that they had signed foreign players under the age of 18 without being properly registered was “absolutely untrue”.

“Real Madrid will appeal this decision of Fifa in all the sporting incidents, considering them absolutely inappropriate,” Real said.

Atletico said: “Our club is not in agreement with the sanction from international football’s governing body and will study all the documentation we’ve received to present an appeal against the sanction.”

Barcelona were given the same penalty in April 2014 for also breaching rules on the transfer of under-18 players.

Their ban, which ended this month, did not stop the La Liga side from signing players.

They bought Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal in the summer of 2015, though both players were prevented from playing until the current window opened.

The next two transfer windows are July/August 2016 and January 2017.

Where does this leave Real Madrid?

BBC Sport’s Simon Stone: “David de Gea, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Sergio Aguero.

“All four have been linked with transfers involving Real Madrid, all four – and anyone else for that matter – could be affected by today’s announcement.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

Could the transfer ban have an impact on the futures of Ronaldo and Bale?

“If they want to revive their interest in De Gea, whose deadline-day transfer from Manchester United last summer collapsed as the paperwork was not completed on time, or pursue Manchester City striker Aguero, Real will do so knowing they could not play until the 2017-18 season.

“Equally, if they decide to sell a Galactico in Ronaldo or Bale, both of whom have been linked with Manchester United, Real know they cannot then bring in a high-profile replacement and immediately play them.

“On the face of it, it leaves the Spanish superpower in a state of flux, with new coach Zinedine Zidane only able to promote from within.

“Quite handy, therefore, they have secured 19-year-old Marco Asensio (currently on loan at Espanyol) from Mallorca, Jesus Vallejo, 19, who has returned to Real Zaragoza on loan and 17-year-old Norwegian Martin Odegaard from Stromsgodset.

“Odegaard is now in the Real Madrid B team Zidane managed before replacing Rafael Benitez as coach of the main side.

Online High School Physics Tutoring Is Just A Click Away

It can be difficult for the high school physics students to find both necessary academic resources as well as physics homework help to ensure a high-quality learning program. Due to this reason, lots of students switch to online physics tutors whose presence not just expose student to different teaching styles but can also ease the study work pressure for students.

Various students have a mindset that no one subject is toughest like physics. However, several experts say that physics is an interesting and adventurous subject too. Continue reading Online High School Physics Tutoring Is Just A Click Away

The Works of An Electrical Circuit

In electrical circuits, electricity flows through wires, resistors, and switches. Resistors can be added on to each other and it depends on its positioning in order to get added resistance. This includes parallel resistors and in series. The resistors lower the amps or current that flows through a circuit so that the wire or any other thing get burned out. Every circuit composed of a power source, some thing to conduct the current, and at times a resistor. In a parallel circuit, the voltage across each of the components is the same, and the total current is the sum of the currents through each component. Continue reading The Works of An Electrical Circuit

Chemical Bonds

Chemical bonds are lasting attraction forces between atoms that enable the formation of chemical compounds. However, there are four types of chemicals bonds including ionic, covalent, metallic, and hydrogen bonds. An ionic bond form when a metal loses electrons to become a positively charged cation, while the nonmetal accepts those electrons to become a negatively charged anion. As a result, there will be an attraction between those positive and negative ions, so we can conclude that ionic bonds are commonly formed between a metal and a non-metal ion.

A covalent bond is formed as a result of atoms sharing their outer layer electrons called valence electrons, in order to become stable by having a noble gas electron configuration. Continue reading Chemical Bonds