Great Science Fair Projects Mean What?

Great Science Fair Projects Mean What?

Like it or not we live in a competitive world and you can often really see this show up with kids in school. Im not talking about athletics, but with school projects like when walking around an elementary or middle school science fair. There are always lots of great science fair projects at these things, and it is easy for parents and kids to get caught up in one upsmanship. Continue reading Great Science Fair Projects Mean What?

The Physics of Night Vision Goggles

Physics is the branch of science when it comes to the nature and properties of matter and energy. The matter of physics includes anything having to do with heat, mechanics, light, sound, electricity, the structure of atoms, magnetism, and other radiation. A good example would be night vision goggles. Night vision goggle is a device with electronic eyes that boost weak night-time vision into something more powerful. The light we can see is called visible light which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

There are other lights such as infrared and ultraviolet. Continue reading The Physics of Night Vision Goggles

Biophysics A Combination of Scientific Disciplines

Biophysics  A Combination of Scientific Disciplines

    Disciplines Methodologies and Equipment

    Biophysics encompasses all levels of biological interaction from the molecular scale, to the cellular scale, to organisms and ecosystems. Biophysics is very sophisticated science, requiring the use of equally sophisticated methodologies and tools. Continue reading Biophysics A Combination of Scientific Disciplines

Hot Trends In Green Technology

Green technology seems to be on everybodys mind these days and it should be, because the only people that dont think we are ruining our planet are the ones that make money doing just that. I could rant on and on about that one but this article is about the hottest trends in Green Technology.

One of the hottest and in my opinion most overdue trends is the development of Hybrid engines and Alternative fuels. Hybrids have around for quite a while and ingenious inventor types have been cruising around with engines that run on everything from cooking oil to scrap food. Continue reading Hot Trends In Green Technology

Chemistry For Kids – Jumping Sodium

Parents are always looking new ways to help their children get a head start in any school subject. Maths and chemistry for kids always seem to be the trickiest subjects. There’s no explanation for this, it just seems that these two subjects get tangled up in youngsters brains more often then not. There are many different ways you can help your child through maths but in this article I will be concentrating on an experiment to improve chemistry for kids.

Chemistry really can be fun for children if you manage to find an experiment that a particular will enjoy and there are a lot of experiments out there. Continue reading Chemistry For Kids – Jumping Sodium

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) also biochemical oxygen demand is a measure of dissolved oxygen required by anaerobic organism in oxidation of organic matter in a given water sample. It is an indicator of the putrescible organic matter available in water. A low (BOD) implies good quality if water, while on the other hand, a high BOD is an indicator of polluted water.

Organisms such as bacteria, algae, and any aquatic habitats are responsible for consumption of dissolved oxygen(which is the amount of oxygen available in water in dissolved form). Continue reading Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)