How AFM Products Are Shaping Our Future

Scanning tunnelling microscopy (STP) is often considered ‘the ancestor’ of atomic force microscopy. It was invented by scientists at IBM Zurich, who were then awarded a Nobel Prize in physics some years later. Advancements in this original technology are what prompted atomic force microscopes to be used in the commercial marketplace.

The scanning tunnelling microscope was the first instrument of its kind to generate genuine images of surfaces with atomic resolution – what would later become known to the community as ‘atomic lattice resolution.’ This then prompted the invention of revolutionary new technology that could be used to perform accurate research in a variety of industries.

If you’re interested in atomic force microscopes, you may be interested to know that the very first microscope prototype was created by a university researcher using aluminium foil to create a revolutionary second probe back in1985. Continue reading How AFM Products Are Shaping Our Future

Teaching Science And Having Fun

As soon as the summer holidays are upon us and the kids settle in late mornings most of us may want to keep them fresh with their education. By teaching science and having fun in this period you can keep them mentally sharp and fresh. The trick here is to not let the children know that you are actually thinking of educating them because that is the last thing they want during their holiday period – keep things fun.

I mention teaching science and having fun at home because student’s are known to have a certain ‘summer learning loss’ that occurs when they have long holidays away from study. Continue reading Teaching Science And Having Fun

Good Science Fair Project Ideas Will Use What You Have At Home

Science teachers often ask their students to find their own experimets for the school’s annual science fair . This is a big adjustment for many kids as they are used to having homework just given to them. Some schools start off from first kindergarten and first grade teaching them how to come up with questions and ideas for experiments. This teaches them to fine tune curiosity and learn to come up with some good science fair project ideas just from looking around at their everyday world. Continue reading Good Science Fair Project Ideas Will Use What You Have At Home

Where Are We Really

Something I have always wondered about.

Black holes we know are remnants of stars that have long died out. This is something that has been proven over just the last few years.

There are all sorts of theories that have been adopted and I think the big bang is definitely possible.

There seems to be some thought as to what happened before the big bang. Possibly two universes collided and caused the chain reaction. One thing puzzles me about the big bang theory is the fact that maybe just maybe it didn’t happen that way at all.

No matter what stars or galaxies we seem to look at we are always told the redder the galaxy the faster it is moving away from us. Continue reading Where Are We Really

Get 24/7 Chemistry Help From Expert Online Chemistry Tutor

Get 24/7 Chemistry Help From Expert Online Chemistry Tutor

Instant Chemistry test prep and homework help! Get live Chemistry help and Connect one-on-one with an expert online Chemistry tutor. 24/7 Chemistry help is available for college students or high school students to Understand all the Concepts in Depth.

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects if you are planning to read medicine, pharmacy or dentistry at university. Continue reading Get 24/7 Chemistry Help From Expert Online Chemistry Tutor

R-1 NIH Grants Should Require 10 One Hour Podcast Lectures By The Principal Investigator

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) require that all research papers written by the principal investigator that have to do with data acquired by a research grant be made public through the WebMD portal website. This rule also applies to any publicly funded research, and is applicable to all the Co-Principal Investigators (C-PIs) of the grant. Many research grants require that the PIs make a research paper of their findings before the close-out of the grant – and all of this is obviously for good reason and fair to the public whose tax dollars funded their work.

Now then, in keeping up with the latest technology, and seeing as few have time to read all the papers that come out in their field, or personal areas of interest, I hereby propose the following requirement of the PIs and Co-PIs of government funded research; namely that, on specific grants that are high-dollar grants, let’s say upwards of 500,000 or 1,000,000 dollars require that the information be put forth in up to 10-one hour lectures, but not less than 3-hours total. Continue reading R-1 NIH Grants Should Require 10 One Hour Podcast Lectures By The Principal Investigator

Tea Bag Rockets

Introducing your children to science at home is a great way to give them a little head-start in their education. The tea bag rockets experiment is a pretty cool way to demonstrate science and keep them enthralled until the end of the process.

To begin with try to get hold of some very, very thin paper – personally I try to use some ‘tracing’ paper, it’s sturdy but thin. Roll up the paper into a cylindrical or triangular shape so it can stand upright. Before I go any further, this mini-demonstration must be done by an adult. Continue reading Tea Bag Rockets

Calibration of Micropipettes

To measure small volumes of liquids accurately micropipettes are used. The thing here is how accurately it works or calibrates the volumes of liquids. In order to dilute the liquid precisely the calibration of pipette can play a vital role. This could be the fundamental part of any laboratory practice. Regardless of so many sizes and manufacturers the primary function of a pipette is to transfer the liquid precisely so it is necessary to understand the physics of micropipettes. The micropipettes are not much different from each other almost every pipette has the same plunger at the top only few have different designs because of the manufacturing differences.

Before calibration of micropipette the vital thing that should be understood are the two key terms imprecision and inaccuracy. Continue reading Calibration of Micropipettes

Last Minute Elementary Science Project Ideas- A Nightmare For Parents

Last Minute Elementary Science Project Ideas- A Nightmare For Parents

It does not take much for all those parent memories to come rolling back when it comes to last-minute homework assignments, particularly for all those elementary science project ideas you had to come up with at the last-minute. You can remember how the anger bursts out of you and all those horrible things you said to your poor darling child. Continue reading Last Minute Elementary Science Project Ideas- A Nightmare For Parents