Where Einstein And Modern Physicists Fudged Up Or What The Aliens Know That Our Scientists Do Not

The first thing that the aliens know, if there are intergalactic aliens, is that traveling at the speed of light and greater is not only possible, but common place for them and secondly, one does not travel into the past when exceeding the speed of light.

How is this possible when all our scientist and physicist say it is impossible because of Einsteins theory of relativity and most experiments seem to bare this out? The problem is that the fundamental theory was based upon a conventional logic of Einsteins time which in itself was flawed. Continue reading Where Einstein And Modern Physicists Fudged Up Or What The Aliens Know That Our Scientists Do Not

Sterility Assurance Level in Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Sterility Assurance Level in Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The term sterility refers to the absence of viable any microorganism; bacteria, spores, and viruses in a product. Viable microorganisms proliferate in the product eventually destroying it and making it unsafe for use. It is therefore important to have sterility validated. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to ensure sterility of their products especially those intended for parenteral or implant use. Continue reading Sterility Assurance Level in Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Material Storage Conditions in Pharmaceuticals

Medical legislation and PSI guidelines must be considered when storing pharmaceutical products. The maintenance of appropriate and conducive storage conditions is imperative to assure the efficacy, safety, quality of medicines and to assure traceability. Some chemicals and solutions in quality control and media in microbiology section are required to store in specific conditions.

1. Humidity:

Some products have labels with instructions “keep moisture free”, you are required to store such products in an area with less than 60% relative humidity.

The following can be considered to reduce the effects of humidity:

Ventilation: Always consider opening air vents or windows of the storage room to air circulation.

Packaging: All lids should be secured and avoid opening a new container unless necessary.

Circulation and Air Conditioners: where necessity and possibility entails, use an air conditioner and a fan to circulate fresh (outside) air.

2. Continue reading Material Storage Conditions in Pharmaceuticals

Time to Get Over the “Yuck Factor”

Potable water has traditionally been perceived as an unlimited resource-something that would always be available in endless supply. As a result, water conservation has often been viewed as unnecessary. But California has been in a drought since 2009; it persists despite last winter’s rainy season and reservoir levels that are approaching normalcy.

Households consume 40% of California’s potable water through toilet use. Since toilets are plumbed with the same water that runs to kitchen sinks, toilet water is fine for drinking. Continue reading Time to Get Over the “Yuck Factor”

All About Grants for Flight Training

      There is no one-set price for earning a pilot license. A variety of factors influence how much flight training will cost. Instructor rates and aircraft rental rates vary with flight schools and some students require more than the minimum required hours to earn a rating. One constant factor is that flight training is expensive. The Iowa Department of Transportation estimates that it costs between $4,000 and $7,000 to earn a private pilot license. Continue reading All About Grants for Flight Training

New Publications In Biology And Life Science

Biology and Life Science: newly lauched publications

Attention researchers, new science journals are waiting for you to submit your last article or paper. They are available in Science Publishing Group platform and all you have to do is to go to the website platform access the link of the journal of your interest and apply for publication.

Remember to stick to publications rules and to submit to one journal at time. For those who research in the fields of Biology and Life Sciences there are several new journals calling for papers.

Journal of Plant Protection is dedicated to research in virology, nematology, bacteriology, ecology but not limited to those issues. Continue reading New Publications In Biology And Life Science

Importance of Aggregates

Importance of Aggregates

Aggregate play an important part in providing strength to concrete, the transition zone of concrete is the interfacial region between an aggregate and cement paste and is responsible for providing compressive strength to cement. Care should be taken not to use Maximum size aggregate(MSA) more than 20 mm in your houses while there may be rubble of size as big as 80 to 150 mm. However, in the construction of nuclear power plants, use of rubble is advised since they require thick wall section to act as a shield against radiation.

Aggregate should be round and equiangular in size( they should not be irregular and flaky. Continue reading Importance of Aggregates